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All Metal Miniature Flush Mounting Clinch Nut

Applications: Type LHCFM parts are particularly suited for use in applications involving installations in thin aluminum or soft steel sheets or plates having small mounting areas making the use of a miniature fixed type nut desirable. The adaptability of LHCFM's two shank lengths to many sheet thicknesses is also worthy of note since it minimizes nut stocking requirements for numerous applications.

Performance: Torque per Continental-Aero procurement specifications.

Tolerances: Decimals: ±.015, Angles: ±2°, unless otherwise specified.

   • For parts with Molybdenum Disulphide dry film lubricant, prefix complete part number with letters "RM".
   • Where "RM" prefix is used in conjunction with part LHCFM2860, the dry film lubricant will be applied in lieu of silver.
   • Where "RM" prefix is used with part number LHCFM, the dry film lubricant will be applied over the cadmium plate.
   • Applications involving use of this version should be restricted to more moderate temperatures (approximately 450°F).
   • Such parts will not meet the room temperature torque-reuse requirements.
Unit of Measure


Post Plating Finish

N/A Yellow Chromate


N/A 2 - Low Carbon Steel 7 - Stainless Steel 18-8
Plating1 N/A 1 - Zinc 2 - Cadmium 9 - Plain


N/A 2-56UNC-3B
A - (Ref)2 N/A .090 in
B - (Ref)3 N/A .156 in
D - (Ref)4 N/A .098 in

G - (Ref)

N/A .109 in
H - (Ref)5 N/A .020 in
L - (Ref)6 N/A .040 in
M - (Ref)7 N/A .129 in

N - (Ref)

N/A .040 in

Weight Lbs./C

N/A .02
  • 1 9 - Plain cannot be used with a Post Plating Finish
  • 2 Tolerance: ±.005
  • 3 Tolerance: ±.010
  • 4 Tolerance: +.003 -.002
  • 5 Tolerance: ±.005
  • 6 Tolerance: ±.003
  • 7 Tolerance: ±.002