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Hex - Nylon Cap Lock Nut

Locking Insert: Nylon (250°F Max. Performance). Purple, White, Black or Gray.
(The Locking Insert and Cap Are an Integral Part)

Applications: Type NKM, NKE, NKTM and NKTE Cap Nuts are designed for use in place of Standard and Thin Height hex nuts in applications where for reasons of safety or appearance, it is desirable to cover exposed bolt ends. They are also suitable for sealing internal or external pressures, up to 80 psi past the bolt threads, provided a proper seal is effected between the nut seat and its mating surface.
Unit of Measure


Post Plating Finish

N/A F - Yellow Chromate T - Trivalent TF - Trivalent Zinc/Yellow


N/A 2 - Low Carbon Steel 7 - Stainless Steel 18-8
Plating1 N/A 1 - Zinc 2 - Cadmium 3 - Phosphate & Oil 4 - Black Zinc 5 - Black Oxide 8 - Anodized 9 - Plain


N/A 10-32UNF-3B

Height - A

N/A .308 in

Across Flats - B

N/A .377-.365 in

(Ref) Across Corners - C

N/A .413 in

(Ref) Cap - D

N/A .234 in
Min. Bolt End - H12 N/A .207 in
Max. Bolt End - H23 N/A .259 in

(Ref) Wrench Pad - L

N/A .110 in

Weight Lbs./C (Steel)

N/A .36
  • 1 9 - Plain cannot be used with a Post Plating Finish
  • 2 H1 minimum designates the minimum recommended bolt entry to insure satisfactory locking performance
  • 3 H2 maximum designates the maximum recommended bolt entry to avoid contact with the top of the cap